the paradox is usually sad news but it’s like preaching to the choir


only people who read blogs read blogs, you know, the kind of people who read blogs read blogs.  most of us want to communicate with people who don’t read blogs.    i would love to complain to a bunch of upper class and ruling class elite, so that they would change the world, but they’ll never read blogs.  they’ve already moved on to other more glorious activities like making money and running many businesses like danny devito from “other people’s money” .  if you are reading this in the future you are likely to be somebody who enjoys blogging, because i’m the kind of person who finds blogging a carthartic release of my energy.  most people don’t, can’t you agree?

well if that’s the case then we are always preaching to the choir, even as i write quotes they are only understood by those who had already possed by capacity by experience to understand them and those who have already the experience possessed by which to understand the quotes do not need to hear them, it is those who do not possess the understanding who most need to understand them!  even wisdom, which was a sureity, is a paradox!

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