postmodern empire uses the elite according to a liberal think tank

“The elite in the United States could never convince their peers to embark on empire building purely because the present distribution of power permits such action. Governments needed a more compelling moral, as well as a national security argument to use the United States’ overwhelming power to dominate, control and use other nations and societies to ensure that U.S. advantages are perpetuated and U.S. interests served.”


The USA created a PR campaign using edward bernays’ methods of  propaganda  to create an external event in the world in order to allow america to control a greater part of the globe.   If I was a ruler of the world, how would you have done it?  You know that people aren’t going to accept that idea that they are bully’s going around the world, that, we are the evil machine in fern gully or the marines in Avatar.  Why do you think it is hard for most people to accept that we are the marines from Avatar?  We want resources, we’re competing in a survival of the fittest universe and if america is going to share being a global super-power it wont’ be as fun as the 80s and 90s were for those who got to reap those years of their fruits.

” Empires in the past, such as the Roman, the Islamic, and the British had a civilizing and modernizing impact, whereas the neocon empire is designed merely to

ensure U.S. primacy with no redeeming objectives. There is no doubt that they claim an empire shall advance the cause of democracy, but in actuality it will advance
regimes that act as proxies and clients to the United States.”


Today we live in a postmodern era. Nation states, the constitutive institution of
modernity, are transforming either by collapsing in places like Somalia and Afghanistan, or reconstituting into conglomerates such as the European Union. Today, wars
are fought between non-state actors: the United States and its coalition of the willing
and Al Qaeda and its cohort of the willing. Both sides have armies which are
multicultural, diverse and consisting of multiple nationalities. The main struggle today
is between nation states and non-state actors in a battle that is geopolitical (the war on
terror) or geo-economical (anti-globalization). The modern world system, built around
the principle of sovereignty and with nation states as the sole agency is transforming
into a post-Westphalian system with multiple agencies and many sources of legitimacy
besides the principle of state sovereignty. In this era, to desire a territorial empire would
be to move against the direction of history itself. If United States’ desire for an empire
were to be realized, it must be recast in the form of a postmodern empire, a nontraditional spatial behemoth.”

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